Etroplast Ltd. is a factory for recycling of polymers.

The company specializes in the recycling of polymers and distribution of standard materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and polyvinylchloride).

The company's development plan incorporates a program for widening the scope of its activities including the recycling and processing of highly polluted and slowly destructive polymer products which threaten the environment.
The factory has a lift line for granulation with a granulating capacity according to the type of the processed polymer (polyenes - HDPE, LDPE. PP; polystyrene; polycarbonate; polyamide; polyvinylchloride) of the order of 80-100 kg/h. The preparation of the material before the granulation includes pre-sorting of the polymers by type and colour, after which they are ground in rotor mills and the ground material is washed and dried.

They are slowly destructive and threaten to clutter our life with rubbish!